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  1. Do you mind explaining how you do the cuts and designs?

  2. how do you do these? like i love this neckline and the white one with the beads. could you post sutorials on those please???

  3. how do we diy??????

  4. Do you have an explanation or a tutorial??? I would love to make this!

  5. can you please make me a shirt excatltly like this and ill buy it please thankyou you can contact me on facebook. 🙂

  6. Would actually like to know how you did the beautiful bleach job on this shirt. Looks gorgeous

    • Thank you! it’s pretty simple, just put bleach in a spray bottle; for the smaller spots, I just took the spray part off and flicked the bleach onto the shirt. You also need to put some sort of cardboard between the shirt so the bleach doesn’t soak through.

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