Hjcutoure started with a shirt. A simple tank-top in a hole-in-the-wall clothing store with the basic ladder design running full length down the back. Yet, its simplicity intrigued me to the point where I found myself rushing home and spending a good while trying to figure out just how on earth something so rad could be done.

The next phase of the obsession started online. Google, Youtube, and a plethora of DIY tshirt sites served to draw me deeper into the tshirt upcycling world; but none was able to prepare me for running into the Circumsizer of Tshirts himself, Adam Saaks.

His work tipped me over the edge; I became obsessed; grabbing old tshirts left and right, most being cut to shreds and tossed into a heaping pile of shame and disappointment; but like anything, practice makes perfect.

The itch to share my work soon manifested itself in my wordpress blog, hjcutoure. A year later, after furling myself headlong into the social media maelstrom of twitter, tumblr, and flickr, I finally succumbed to the wiles of Facebook, creating a page for hjcutoure.

With over 1,000 views a day and roughly 200 followers, I was constantly asked for tutorials and soon felt the need to expand my humble craft into an online business. After slaving for hours and hours on creating a website and online shop, I give you: HJCUTOURE.


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